1. Split Monitor - fix graph and data in data table

  2. Export Detector Data Export Format  ·  under review

  3. Copy Adptive or Traffic Responsive Algorithm  ·  completed

  4. Change Adaptive to operate without 3 cycle's worth of contiguous data  ·  completed

  5. Allow the Db Editor to export a data file.  ·  under review

  6. Be able to Import/Export Cobalt CFG files just like you can with ASC3 Data Base Files  ·  planned

  7. Add feature of a description field in the 'Load Saved Data' window of the Database editor.  ·  completed

  8. Purdue Phase Termination Chart coming to MOE module? Perhaps the most valueable high resolution data tool that doesn't require detection.  ·  completed

  9. Restrict signal editor merge feature from merging certain values  ·  planned

  10. Show programmed Max times in Intersection display during Free operations  ·  completed

  11. Allow the parsing of an XML file for inputs used in Action Sets.

  12. When using search bar in the entity tree, populate the query as you type and not wait until the entire string is entered  ·  planned

  13. Split Monitor Report to show all patterns  ·  completed

  14. Allow MMS tickets to be created after the event, with dates and times entered in the past.  ·  completed

  15. Bug??  ·  declined

  16. Fix Missing Detector Logs

  17. Provide autofill of customer information when Adding Ticket  ·  planned

  18. Allow Trafficcast's Bluetoad to display travel time as a function of the average of the last 12 similar days, just like their website doe  ·  under review

  19. In the VOS reports, add a Sum of All Series field to the data tables.  ·  completed

  20. Be able to schedule a report to be saved in a folder or network location, not just email the report  ·  completed

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