1. Split Monitor - fix graph and data in data table

  2. Copy Adptive or Traffic Responsive Algorithm  ·  completed

  3. Export Detector Data Export Format  ·  under review

  4. Allow the Db Editor to export a data file.  ·  under review

  5. Change Adaptive to operate without 3 cycle's worth of contiguous data  ·  completed

  6. Add feature of a description field in the 'Load Saved Data' window of the Database editor.  ·  completed

  7. Be able to Import/Export Cobalt CFG files just like you can with ASC3 Data Base Files  ·  planned

  8. When using search bar in the entity tree, populate the query as you type and not wait until the entire string is entered  ·  planned

  9. Purdue Phase Termination Chart coming to MOE module? Perhaps the most valueable high resolution data tool that doesn't require detection.  ·  completed

  10. In the VOS reports, add a Sum of All Series field to the data tables.  ·  completed

  11. Restrict signal editor merge feature from merging certain values  ·  planned

  12. Show programmed Max times in Intersection display during Free operations  ·  completed

  13. Allow the parsing of an XML file for inputs used in Action Sets.

  14. Split Monitor Report to show all patterns  ·  completed

  15. Allow MMS tickets to be created after the event, with dates and times entered in the past.  ·  completed

  16. Bug??  ·  declined

  17. Fix Missing Detector Logs

  18. Provide autofill of customer information when Adding Ticket  ·  planned

  19. Allow Trafficcast's Bluetoad to display travel time as a function of the average of the last 12 similar days, just like their website doe  ·  under review

  20. Be able to schedule a report to be saved in a folder or network location, not just email the report  ·  completed

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